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    “I’ve been WAITING for this!”


    Larry’s specials on DVD’s but this is so much better.

    I always watch Lary’s Diner and Country Reunion on my dish as well I have taken advantage of Larry’s specials on DVD’s but this is so much better. I have an Amazon fire Stick and I can pick what I want to watch at anytime as well as back it up or fast forward or put it on hold. All this for less than ten dollars a month. Great work Larry.

    Bruce K Goodwin


    I’m so happy with this release!

    Been a subscriber for almost a year now so I’ve been waiting for this app. This site has provided COUNTLESS hours of entertainment for me ang my grandparents not to mention giving us an excuse to spend time together. Now we have this app, it runs MUCH smoother and has zero load time. Thank you SO much!

    CRTV Subscriber



    I am 62 years young and I love the fact that they have “Old Timers” there and singing their hit songs! And, the “Newbies” aren’t too bad either! Great website!

    Dan Seitsinger